Tuesday, 22 September 2009

WI no 3....................

Well here we are again.....
Can't believe I am about to get into my 4th wk on ww, and still focused which is an achievement in itself!
I managed to lose 2lbs last wk, taking me to 20lbs off for good in 3 wks.
It's a wonderful feeling and long may it continue.
I think I have some affect on Kirsty, she is not overweight, but need to lose about 1st to look better, I think sometome it's the way she holds herself..
She has pointed out this afternoon after me being on the wii fit that she needs to lose a bit of weight,so hopefully 2 of us on the journey will help.


  1. Well done you - thats brilliant news :)

    Mandy x

  2. 2lb off is fantastic, well done!