Friday, 30 October 2009

Well I have weathered the storm................and..

Come out the other end!!!
Have had an awful couple of weeks hence no posts from me.(:(

but I am back and full of it.
I weighed in on the 20th october and maintained, which I was pleased about as I had been ill over the week before.
And then I fell off the wagon big style, just couldn't get back on it, plus stress levels had hit the maximum, with both Paige and Kirsty not well, and Paige having a perforated ear drum.
Plus carer's problems , I just gave up.
I think the wake up call was jumping on this week and gaining 5lbs, I couldn't believe how quick it could go back on.
So my bum is seat belted in on the wagon and I am now back in the long haul!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Oh boy what a week.................................

Finally managed to get my bum on here.
Manic week, after the kids got over their spout of illness, I came down with it.
Fell ill on monday ,spent most of monday in bed with flu like symptons, but managed to get over that quickly,only to be left with swollen glands.
Had my tonsils out when I was 23 so sore throat I can cope with, but hate swollen glands, I get cold,they hurt, can't swallow properly, can't sleep, so have been going to bed with my companion.......a bottle of night nurse....she sure knows how to keep my happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lost 4 lbs on tuesday, taking meto 1lbs away from my 2 st goal, but also know that I wasn'twell either so will have to make sure I don't gain this week.......

Monday, 12 October 2009

OMG I feel ill.

I feel ill today, don't know whether it's the stress of last week catching up with me,but woke about 3 this morning feeling drained.
Tossed and truned allnight, and after a lem sip at 7 this morning, managed to fall into a deep sleep till 2 this afternoon.
Feel ok, aching has subsided but have a sore throat and feel like I can't be asked doing anything....

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Well after a very manic week, where the kid's and work took over, I did eventually get a weekend to relax.

Paige was off all week, whilst Kirsty went back to school.

Work was just rather caotic,normally work part time, which is about 17.5 hrs, managed to clock up 16 hrs in the 1st 2 days, so that says it all doesn't it.

Went to a 50th birthday party last night, was fancy dress, spent my money on kirsty, so I wnet as myself....I know very original!
Kirsty went with a group of people as the kids from fame.....god that bought back some memories.
I remember watching that after TOTP on a thurs night!
We had a really good night, did start off pointing my drinks and then ended up just drinking anything!
I know by that it was a good night, sore throat today as well.......

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Why is life soooooooo trying!!!!!!!

After Kirsty getting over not being well, and me thinking everything is getting back to narmallity...if there is ever anything like that in this house.
One of Paige's carer's has been diagnosed with the swine stress levels are now up, and I just wonder what else can go wrong!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Week 5 over with....

And what a long week it has been.

Got off to a good start , then Kirsty fell ill on thursday with the flu, so all my free time taken up looking after her.

Went out on Saturday night and before I wemt Paige was sent home form restbite with a sore throat and not well.
So here was I with 2 girls not well and hardly any sleep!
Both of the girls were off school yestedray, which noramlly causes problems with me as there is too much temptation around....but I managed to be good.
Did I reap the benefits this morning...OH YES!!!!!
I managed to lose 2lbs, taking me to 21 lbs and my 3rd silver seven in 5 wks, I am over the mooooon with that.

Friday, 2 October 2009

OMG, weekends come round soooooo fast

I can't believe the weekend is here again and we are now into october .
Been another busy week, hence no posts, the girls make sure they keep me busy.

Kirsty is off school sick over the last 2 days, better now though.
Out on staurday night for the 1st time in a month, usually drink vodka and lemonade, but I am going to have to get used to diet coke with it, as need to save pts from somewhere...