Wednesday, 19 January 2011

WI No 8 & 9.............

Managed to lose 1lbs last week, was a bit put off over it cause the scales were jumping up and down, and was told to get off and then back on and it settled at 1lbs.
So insread of my usual self pity and gorge myself stupid, I didn't and tracked everything in sight all week.
Got to class tonight and managed to lose 2lbs, so now lost my christmas gain and on the downward slope again, it's good to be back in control!
Tiring week in work this week with long hours hence the reason why I haven't been on here much..*note to self will try harder to make time*

Friday, 7 January 2011

Post christmas weigh in and SNOW!

Well I went back to my own class on wednesday night, which was full of new starters...
and managed to gained 2.5lbs which I am pleased over considering I drunk my body weigh in vodka over christmas and new year!
Came home and after some tea, scrutinised the new cook book for inspiring receipes, found some I quite fancied so been shopping today and nearly died at the till after my bill going up by £30..... but hey ho.
SNOW....where do we start, my 1st day off work this year, and do I get a lie I end up shovelling snow off the drive so we can get 1 car out at least......1 part of being a single parent I don't like, I end up cold and wet whilst the kids are inside lovely and warm! wondered how many pp for shovelling snow for 30 mins I would get!.
Anyway the snowing has now stopped and it's raining, so hopefully it will go as qwuick as it came!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

1st day back on track

And everything is ok.
Managed to stick to my pp even though there is still temptation lurking around.
Last day off tomorrow before back to work on tuesday, so with all my 10 fingers crossed I just MIGHT get a lie in.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Me..My daughters, and my closest friends in 2010

Well I had quite a year.....
Managed to do a midnight walk off 10 miles in june for the local hospice, was proud to have my youngest daughter walking with me, managed to do it in 3 & 3/4 hrs.
Went on holiday in August to fuerteventura for 10 days, and had a ball, was so nice to relax and not worry about anything.
My best friend which I love dearly turned 40 in december and had a fancy dress party, hance the cruella de ville costume, had an amazing night!

Well Happy new year!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2011!
Last night was a great night, plenty of vodka, enough to sink a battle ship, but it was one way of bringing in 2011!
Decided to be back on plan tomorrow (2nd) so have tracker ready and have ditched loads to the bin.
Back to class on wednesday night so will assess the damage then, not been for 2 weeks so hopefulle won't be bad, did have a sneaky peek the other day and had only gained1lbs so here's hoping!
Going to try and put some photo's together now and make an album for 2010...don't hold your breath as I am not very computer literate!