Friday, 30 October 2009

Well I have weathered the storm................and..

Come out the other end!!!
Have had an awful couple of weeks hence no posts from me.(:(

but I am back and full of it.
I weighed in on the 20th october and maintained, which I was pleased about as I had been ill over the week before.
And then I fell off the wagon big style, just couldn't get back on it, plus stress levels had hit the maximum, with both Paige and Kirsty not well, and Paige having a perforated ear drum.
Plus carer's problems , I just gave up.
I think the wake up call was jumping on this week and gaining 5lbs, I couldn't believe how quick it could go back on.
So my bum is seat belted in on the wagon and I am now back in the long haul!


  1. Good to hear your back on track hunnie, and hope the girls are feeling better now. Im firmly on the wagon next to you x x

  2. Worry and stress over kids can knock everything out of kilter, can't it? I hope they're both feeling much better now. Good on you for climbing back on the wagon.

  3. Hi Kath
    Glad to hear your back.
    I myself have been completely off the wagon - as MJ said "you are not alone".
    Hope the girls are feeling better and you too.
    Have a good week and tighten that seat belt.