Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas in the Thomas's household!

Was very good, after deciding to take christmas day and boxing day off, I managed to only gain 1lbs!!!! very impressed with that one.
Santa came and me and kids must of been good all year as the youngest had everything she cold think off including a ticket to see lee evans live in manchester which santa had left her under the tree, packed in a dvd box set, how cruel was he!
I must of been good as I had a bottle of Gucci guilty.... and NO CHOCOLATES!

Sheepishly I come back in........................

I know not been on here since febuary , I have no excuses at all, just that the rest of yr went very quickly and I don't know where the time went!
But I am here.
Started back on pp the beg of Nov, at the heaviest I have been for over 12 months, plot lost and I fell off the wagon with an amzing bump!
So as ww changed there system I realised it was time to change mine, and give myself a kick up the arse well and truly.
In he 7 weeks since pp I have managed to lose 17.5lbs got my 5% and 2 silver sevens under my belt.
Kath xxx