Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I know.......long time no speak!

I know not been on here for ages, but Paige and Kirsty took up most of October and work is totally manic at the moment, so any free time is taken up by trying to make a hole in the christmas shopping.
I have managed to get over my gain and I am now 2lbs off my 2st, which will be here before christmas!
Weight is ok,managed to lose 1lbs this week, even after a night on the vodkas.......oops!
We had our works christmas night out, we have all got kids, so this was the only time we could get together......
Now that's a different story, we opted for a ladies night with a drag queen and strippers...............was WELL worth the money......lol
Something different alright, and as you can guess everyone had a ball!
I suppose the biggest NSV over the last few weeks is, that none of my jeans fit me they are now all too big and I have a saggy bum in them as Kirsty proceeds to tell me when I put them on, even a belt is now not doing any good.