Saturday, 9 January 2010

Not well and my wagon has a deflated trye!

Not too good today.

Can't seem to sift this cold I have and now have a hacking dry cough to go with it.
So go to bed shattered and seem to wake coughing, or tossing and turning.
To add injury to it all, I have pulled a muscle in the bottom of my back, not good at all, with paige around, as you have to move her, log roll her, and it's playing havoc with my back.

Paige's isn't back in restbite till next weekend, so trying to rest.........that's a word I don't get to do much lately.
I am not crossing anything for tuesday, as I did start off with my bum super glued to the wagon, but it seems the snow has wet it and lossened it, so I will be happy for a maintain after the last few days.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas over and now the snow

Well had my 1st weigh after 2 weeks over the christmas period and have managed t gain 4lbs.
I'm happy wth that as I did drink quite a bit this christmas, which I don't normally do..(Iknow get the halo polished!)

So have super glued my arse to the wagon, as booked a holiday on Saturday..going to Fuerteventua in August, so had to sit and think about setting myself a goal.
I didn't want to go over board and then get upset knowing I am not going to do it.
So if I aim for 5lbs a month, 7 months to my holiday, then that will take me to about 40lbs, which is just over 2 & 1/2 st.

Don't know if any of you have had much snow, but we had 4 inches yesterday, and I earned loads ofbonus pts shovelling the stuff, over an hr it took me, so we can get Paige's wheelchair back out and about.