Sunday, 13 September 2009

weekend over!

I have decided that the weekends go wayyyyyyyyyy to fast!
Back to work in the morning.
Sun has shone all weekend here for a change, live on the west side of the country and normally catch the rain and wind coming over from the irish sea.
My peace is also over as Kirsty is back and as 13 yrs old go, is now trying to rule the house again...I say trying as yet she has to succeed.......
Paige is home tomorrow and then going away to the local children's hospice on thursday for 6 days,that gives us chance to catch up on things we can't do..simple things really like a trip to mc donalds, (paige hates it and cries to the point of she is sick) not having to worry about feeding times when out and where we can go that can accomadate the wheelchair and all her needs.

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  1. I'm an occupational therapist and have a child on my caseload who hates going out so much in the car that she cries until she is sick - sounds similar!