Friday, 7 January 2011

Post christmas weigh in and SNOW!

Well I went back to my own class on wednesday night, which was full of new starters...
and managed to gained 2.5lbs which I am pleased over considering I drunk my body weigh in vodka over christmas and new year!
Came home and after some tea, scrutinised the new cook book for inspiring receipes, found some I quite fancied so been shopping today and nearly died at the till after my bill going up by £30..... but hey ho.
SNOW....where do we start, my 1st day off work this year, and do I get a lie I end up shovelling snow off the drive so we can get 1 car out at least......1 part of being a single parent I don't like, I end up cold and wet whilst the kids are inside lovely and warm! wondered how many pp for shovelling snow for 30 mins I would get!.
Anyway the snowing has now stopped and it's raining, so hopefully it will go as qwuick as it came!

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