Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas over and now the snow

Well had my 1st weigh after 2 weeks over the christmas period and have managed t gain 4lbs.
I'm happy wth that as I did drink quite a bit this christmas, which I don't normally do..(Iknow get the halo polished!)

So have super glued my arse to the wagon, as booked a holiday on Saturday..going to Fuerteventua in August, so had to sit and think about setting myself a goal.
I didn't want to go over board and then get upset knowing I am not going to do it.
So if I aim for 5lbs a month, 7 months to my holiday, then that will take me to about 40lbs, which is just over 2 & 1/2 st.

Don't know if any of you have had much snow, but we had 4 inches yesterday, and I earned loads ofbonus pts shovelling the stuff, over an hr it took me, so we can get Paige's wheelchair back out and about.

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  1. Hi Kath
    4lbs is not a bad gain after Xmas - quite good in fact - well done you - I WI tonight and I think I have gained 8lbs (oops). Going to have a complete fresh start and like you hun I am going away on 2 August to Turkey and your post has made me realise and being realistic that I/we could be at least 2st lighter by then - 5lbs per month is definately do-able!!! Good luck, keep us posted to keep us motivated - I am going to start my blog up again! PS Fuerteventura is lovely!!!